The Countdown to the Big Au Revoir

I have just come out of a meeting to discuss my future here at Dagobert. Everyone was massively complimentary and everyone seems very happy, and I was offered a contract extension. However, it seems the terms aren't quite what I would need to continue living in the expensive city of Paris, so I am facing my final month here. Over the past 5 months, I have built myself a great little life here in Paris, and I can already tell it'll be an emotional farewell. I only planned on being here for 6 months, but as time has gone on, I've become more and more settled. All I can do now is get my head down, knock out some top drawer work in my final month here and plan for whatever is round the corner.

Onwards and Upwards.


Copyright Shenanigans

Unfortunately, it would seem the work I am producing at Dagobert right now cannot be compiled into a personal showreel for a few months. Annoying, as it means not only can I not showcase my latest work, but I also can't send it out to prospective future employers. Ahhh well, that's the nature of the industry I'm afraid. Just wanted to put it out there, I am actually doing loads of work I assure you, I'm just contractually bound to keep it to myself for now.


A Kooky Scientist

I sketched this guy out between projects at work and wanted to colour him in. I used an erratic paint style to match the style of the character. Plus, I got a chance to play about with the pressure sensitivity setting on my new Wacom. Hands are awful, a sign I need to get back into life drawing as soon as I'm back from Paris. Anyway, hope you like.