Planning and Scheduling - The only way to get things done.

Apologies if my Blog seems to be morphing into a sort of self-help style guide for budding interns or young professions, I promise I am still doing actual work and doodling and stuff. I scrolled through and noticed how long it'd been since I actually put some art up here.

I just wanted to write a quick piece about planning and scheduling. Most people absolutely detest the idea of sitting down, making a plan and dividing up their time mostly because they're pretty sure there's no way they'll stick to it. Me, I love a schedule. It really is the only way I know I'll get something important done. I also love the feeling of crossing something out once it's done, it gives you a great sense of progress and reminds you you're one step closer to your goal. This is a technique I believe the people down at Weight Watchers swear by too, but for different reasons I imagine.

I am currently slashing together a new showreel, and have a mountain of animation to complete. Working all day at the studio, I only have weekends free to complete my work, so all of my time needs to be regimentally laid out. I have spent 3 or 4 weekends slumped on the sofa, partly because I'm tired but I imagine mostly because I have no structure and guidance to my workload. Whilst at Uni, the schedule was my best allie. When people said something couldn't be finished in time, I'd show them my schedule and that was that. Anyway, my point is, half hour spent before you start a project can save you 10x that during the project. Give it a whirl, you never know.