Week Six @ Dagobert

Time really is flying here - the-project-I'm-not-allowed-to-talk-about-but-which-is-right-up-my-street project has well and truly kicked off, and it's looking good. After it's been released by the client, I should have some great new stuff for my showreel. I am also spending a bit of spare time on my weekends animating in Flash, just because the work at Dagobert tends to be quite After Effects heavy, and I don't want to get rusty ! The new showreel is intended to go live in May, along with a shiny new website layout. 

I'm already starting to plan for life after Dagobert; these 2 months have gone so quickly, and unfortunately, I have to plan for and assume I won't be kept on here, and hold some talks around April with the powers that be. Between you and me, my biggest concern is that the language barrier will prove a bit much of a hurdle for both parties. As conversational and confident with French as I may be after 6 months, in such a communication based industry and company, it may prove too tricky in the long run.

I'm not being pessimistic, it's just regular animation work is an elusive thing, and I like to plan for the worst and hope for the best ! 


One Month @ Dagobert

One month done and dusted at Dagobert, and this week I was given a task right up my street. I was called into a meeting to discuss a potential idea for a major client, which involved designing a new character for the company, and animating it in 2D. I nearly fell off my chair. 

I really enjoy the work I have been doing for Dagobert using After Effects and Photoshop and C4D, but this seems like the perfect opportunity for me to step up a bit, and hopefully offer them something no-one else in the team can do quite as comfortably. I was chuffed that they even pitched a 2D suggestion, and even more chuffed that the client has gone for it. I have signed all kinds of confidentiality agreements to sign, so won't be able to put any of the work up on here, but once it's been released, I'll be putting the links up. I'm pretty excited that my character design could soon be seen across France.

Anyway, it's been an absolutely top month so far, I feel like I've been here for months already. Aside from the regular language frustrations, which occur almost hourly, it really couldn't be going better. I keep being told the language will get easier, and I have to hope it will, unless I'm going backwards.