A Random Reaction - Take 2

Just to push Mondays animation slightly further along, I fancied Tex Avery-ing it up a bit. Any thoughts on what should happen next? The weirder the better...


A Random Reaction - Take 1

Just a simple little animation, I spent yesterday working on this as I realised it had been a couple of weeks since I'd animated anything. With the Transform@Lab all finished, I need to get back to the drawing board. Hope you like!


ChompChallenge Presentation


We learned about a super wicked presentation programme called 'Prezi' in Budapest, and so Chiara and I decided to present our project using it. The link to our presentation is above, feedback as ever is more than appreciated, and any questions, let me know!

'ChompChallenge' - 'The Healthy Heroes'

Introducing, from left to right, Carly Carrot, Ollie the Onion, Brock Lee and Pippa Pepper. These guys were designed to front our project, and will feature on our promotional material...

Transform@Lab 2011 - Done & Dusted!

After 11 masterclasses across 4 months in 3 countries, the first ever Transform@Lab is done and dusted. I met some amazing people, heard some great ideas and learnt a load of new things. We pitched to an industry panel on the final day, including executives from channel 4 and the BBC. The course really was a fantastic experience, I feel my skills have been significantly developed, and I've added a new Transmedia string to my bow. Going forward, my business partner on the course Chiara Carbonara and I, will be looking to develop our idea further after receiving very positive feedback. I'll upload a couple of jPegs now to give you a taster of our project 'ChompChallenge' ...