A Busy December

I begin far too many of my Blogs with a 'I have been busy, honest! So I haven't had time to update my blog...'

Well, no more!

In 2012, my Blog will be given the attention it deserves. So there, my first New Years resolution.

To be fair though, I was actually quite busy in December. I was working predominately on an Online instructional video for the increasingly popular citizens journalist site Blottr (http://www.blottr.com/). I will be posting a link to the final video once it has been released complete with voiceover in the next few weeks. I also spent the largest chunk of December preparing (a posh word for panicking in this case) for the move across the Channel to Paris. I arrived on Wednesday, and have already visited Disneyland, scaled the Eiffel Tower, and eaten a number of Crepes, so now I can definitely draw a line under the touristy stuff and get focused on the new job. Anyway, keep an eye out for new posts, I'll update Monday.

Happy New Year everyone, may it be a jolly happy and successful one.