Blog Formatting Palava?!

For some reason, all of my posts seem slightly 'off' on the formatting front, covering the description or the title? I have no idea why this is, so apologies if you have trouble viewing any of the videos or pictures on my Blog. I've found with the videos, if you click slightly above where the play button is, and slightly to the left, it'll play! Obviously something is up with Blogger, but I will endeavour to sort it out - Sorry again!

Re-Worked Running Man

In a bid to tighten a few things up on my Showreel, I spent a bit of time going back over the 'Running Man' dance cycle I put on my last showreel (see about 5 posts below for original). You can always push like this a bit further, and hopefully this is a bit more fun to watch than the original. I especially like the larger hair and bendier body.