A Busy December

I begin far too many of my Blogs with a 'I have been busy, honest! So I haven't had time to update my blog...'

Well, no more!

In 2012, my Blog will be given the attention it deserves. So there, my first New Years resolution.

To be fair though, I was actually quite busy in December. I was working predominately on an Online instructional video for the increasingly popular citizens journalist site Blottr (http://www.blottr.com/). I will be posting a link to the final video once it has been released complete with voiceover in the next few weeks. I also spent the largest chunk of December preparing (a posh word for panicking in this case) for the move across the Channel to Paris. I arrived on Wednesday, and have already visited Disneyland, scaled the Eiffel Tower, and eaten a number of Crepes, so now I can definitely draw a line under the touristy stuff and get focused on the new job. Anyway, keep an eye out for new posts, I'll update Monday.

Happy New Year everyone, may it be a jolly happy and successful one.


Notepad Doodle

I started doodling a happy snail whilst I was on the phone and kinda liked it, so coloured it in!


January 2012 Internship with Dagobert

I am lucky enough to have wangled myself onto the Dagobert internship for the start of the new year. I will be there initially for 6 months, working with one of the biggest digital media companies in Paris. I will be brushing up on my After Effects and Photoshop skills before going, and of course, learning French in the meantime. Can't wait!


Nickelodeon Storyboards

Late last year, I boarded some advert bumpers with Nickelodeon, for one of their clients, 'Worlds Apart'. The adverts ran between 4pm-6pm on Nick Jr throughout Spring, and here are my boards, twinned with the bumpers. It's always awesome to see how your storyboards assist the direction of an advert, particularly chuffed with this one.


A Random Reaction - Take 2

Just to push Mondays animation slightly further along, I fancied Tex Avery-ing it up a bit. Any thoughts on what should happen next? The weirder the better...


A Random Reaction - Take 1

Just a simple little animation, I spent yesterday working on this as I realised it had been a couple of weeks since I'd animated anything. With the Transform@Lab all finished, I need to get back to the drawing board. Hope you like!


ChompChallenge Presentation


We learned about a super wicked presentation programme called 'Prezi' in Budapest, and so Chiara and I decided to present our project using it. The link to our presentation is above, feedback as ever is more than appreciated, and any questions, let me know!

'ChompChallenge' - 'The Healthy Heroes'

Introducing, from left to right, Carly Carrot, Ollie the Onion, Brock Lee and Pippa Pepper. These guys were designed to front our project, and will feature on our promotional material...

Transform@Lab 2011 - Done & Dusted!

After 11 masterclasses across 4 months in 3 countries, the first ever Transform@Lab is done and dusted. I met some amazing people, heard some great ideas and learnt a load of new things. We pitched to an industry panel on the final day, including executives from channel 4 and the BBC. The course really was a fantastic experience, I feel my skills have been significantly developed, and I've added a new Transmedia string to my bow. Going forward, my business partner on the course Chiara Carbonara and I, will be looking to develop our idea further after receiving very positive feedback. I'll upload a couple of jPegs now to give you a taster of our project 'ChompChallenge' ...


*tut* Kids these days...

Inspired by a lady I encountered at the bus stop the other day. I think the little girl was called Jordan. No, genuinely.


New website finishing touches


I have had a frustrating few days having completed the new design for my website Thursday evening. I then changed the URL over from the old site, which apparently takes 72 hours to do, and now, 72 hours later, I realised designing the site on a super sexy 22inch screen might be an issue not giving enough consideration to people with wee screens. I'm itching to flaunt it around, but need to iron out these minor issues before I throw it into the world.

Any day now...


Transform@Lab 2011

I was recently selected to attend the Transform@Lab Workshop in Newport, Budapest and Paris with 5 fellow Brits, 2 Hungarians, and an excitable Frenchman. I have completed the Newport and Budapest stages, and am only just getting around to blogging about it (rolls eyes at same old excuse). So far, it's been top drawer, a great opportunity and very interesting. Transmedia as a concept is still relatively new, but it's worth looking into for all you budding creatives out there. I am collaborating with an Italian MA Student whom recently graduated from Newport, watch this space for all the development news, it's exciting times!


Blog Formatting Palava?!

For some reason, all of my posts seem slightly 'off' on the formatting front, covering the description or the title? I have no idea why this is, so apologies if you have trouble viewing any of the videos or pictures on my Blog. I've found with the videos, if you click slightly above where the play button is, and slightly to the left, it'll play! Obviously something is up with Blogger, but I will endeavour to sort it out - Sorry again!

Re-Worked Running Man

In a bid to tighten a few things up on my Showreel, I spent a bit of time going back over the 'Running Man' dance cycle I put on my last showreel (see about 5 posts below for original). You can always push like this a bit further, and hopefully this is a bit more fun to watch than the original. I especially like the larger hair and bendier body.


Clean Runaway Key

A clean up of the rough jump and run. For the original roughs, check out a couple of posts below.


Cheerio ABF/ESkills Matters

In my last week in my current contract, and as a leaving present/online image, have illustrated the ABF team in the style of one of the companies online characters. Was great fun to do, and luckily no-one was too offended!


Runaway Keeeeyyyy!

A rough rough jump and run, an initial idea for a much grander project in the pipeline, this is what you get sitting at your desk with a spare afternoon and a digital camera. Feedback massively encouraged and greatly appreciated.


The Jolly Clean Walk

Cleaned up an old pencil line test in Flash, threw on a tie and some wispy hair for good measure, hopefully it works!