Work Experience Storyboarding for Nickelodeon!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Nickelodeons Commercial Support Unit, and asked if I would like to spend a few weeks helping them out storyboarding some adverts to be screened over Xmas. I had an amazing time there, definately the most fun place I've ever worked! Due to the top secret nature of the work, I thought I'd better only put up one board, but even so, enjoy! I'll let you all know when it's screened on TV!

Sketching Away

During my time travelling in Thailand, I often found myself sat for sometimes hours on end waiting at a train station, bus stop, or in a bar. I tried to put this time to good use by grabbing my sketchbook and pencil whenever I got the chance. I came up with around 8 new characters, but have only had the chance to colour a couple. I also got back to basics by sketching some characters out of the good old Animators Survival Kit book, just to loosen myself up before I headed off.

Going for a Dip

Just a quick flash animation to close off my showreel, felt the reel was all a bit too 'Another Last Case' heavy, so as and when I get the chance between work and freelancing, I'll be splicing some fresh flash work into my showreel. As ever, feedback is welcome!