Work Experience Storyboarding for Nickelodeon!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Nickelodeons Commercial Support Unit, and asked if I would like to spend a few weeks helping them out storyboarding some adverts to be screened over Xmas. I had an amazing time there, definately the most fun place I've ever worked! Due to the top secret nature of the work, I thought I'd better only put up one board, but even so, enjoy! I'll let you all know when it's screened on TV!

Sketching Away

During my time travelling in Thailand, I often found myself sat for sometimes hours on end waiting at a train station, bus stop, or in a bar. I tried to put this time to good use by grabbing my sketchbook and pencil whenever I got the chance. I came up with around 8 new characters, but have only had the chance to colour a couple. I also got back to basics by sketching some characters out of the good old Animators Survival Kit book, just to loosen myself up before I headed off.

Going for a Dip

Just a quick flash animation to close off my showreel, felt the reel was all a bit too 'Another Last Case' heavy, so as and when I get the chance between work and freelancing, I'll be splicing some fresh flash work into my showreel. As ever, feedback is welcome!


'Virgin Trains' Online Game

Before I headed off on my travels, I spent several days animating a character for te upcoming Virgin Trains advertising campaign! You may have seen a few posters of zombies on billboards and the Underground, but as I don't know how much I can say until it is released, you'll have to just wait and see! As soon as it is out, I'll let you know!

Two Months in Thailand

I have just returned from 2 months travelling in Thailand and Laos, but my sketchbook and pencil were never far from my hand! I am currently working on uploading a new section of character designs and life drawing sketches to my website www.nickclackett.co.uk. Keep a look out!


Let's all do the Running Man!

I have been working on this for a few days, inspired by one of the oldest go-to dance moves in the world! I chose to do The Running Man to fit in with my show reel track (Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full of Lead), as I think animated dance certainly goes hand in hand with the upbeat tune. It needs a bit of tweaking and I am looking for a way to incorporate some secondary motion, but for now, enjoy!


'Another Last Case' to be screened at Glastonbury 2010!

The Screen Academy of Wales have selected the film Matt Pollock and I produced last year, 'Another Last Case', to be shown on an enormous screen at this years Glastonbury Festival 2010 - amazing! Thanks Screen Academy Wales, hope all the festival go-ers like what they see!


Galloping Gazelle

Here is my first little animal cycle for quite a while, and I am pretty happy with it. I opted to animate a galloping gazelle, and watched quite a few wildlife programmes on iPlayer to get some decent reference. I think it works quite well, would love to know what you all think!

Flash Animal Cycles

Over the next few weeks Im going to experiment with a few animal walk/run/gallop cycles in Flash. This will not only keep my Flash skills moving along, but as I am working on some more complicated Flash dialogue shorts, it's nice to work on some basics on the side when you need a break from the bigger project!


Website Launch!

www.nickclackett.co.uk is officially launched! After much work, editing, and asking people far more technologically-minded than me, its out there on the world wide web. Theres more work to be done on it, and I'm aiming on adding new stuff as often as I can. Let me know what you think, hope you enjoy



Always helpful drawing practice...

Dynamic Poses

Experimenting with dynamic poses with the intention of basing characters around their body positions in the near future.

Showreel Characters

These characters will featuring in the latest cut of my showreel, the Jazz trumpet player in the opening sequence, and the comedian in a 10 second 2D performance piece I have been working on.


Back in the Swing Part III

Now quite literally back in the swing of things, I have been working on a few simple dance cycles, to the timing of my showreel track. I sincerely hope the LAVs I had to 'perform' for these dances NEVER see the light of day, but it had to be done!

Getting back in the Swing Part II

Again, keyed out by Richard Williams, I have inbetweened this walk and experimented with different timings to make it slightly more unique. I have animated this partly on 1's, and partly on 2's, and am relatively happy with the outcome.

Getting back in the Swing

To get myself back into the swing of things and the animation mindset, I re-read Richard Williams 'Animators Survival Kit' cover to cover (and then again), just to remind myself of the animation fundamentals and to ease myself back in. Here is a simple line test of a bulldog keyed out by Richard Williams, to get the animator thinking about the possibilites of secondary motion. I may develop this a lot further (drool, bigger cheeks) and include this in my showreel, but for the time being, its just to get me back in the swing...

Back in the Game

Following Uni, I didn't feel ready to take the plunge into the animation industry, and felt I had too many things to get out of my system before I commited to the industry I wanted to work my way up in. My plan was simple; to work for 6 months, and then travel for 6 months.

I worked for 6 months, had some amazing laughs, but in the back of my mind was my craving to animate. Instead of travelling, I have decided to take a chunk of my savings and put that towards not working for a few months, shutting myself away in my room, and bringing my showreel up to the best possible standard it can be. Bit of a risk, I know, no income, no job, but Ive been animating for 4 weeks now, and after a slow start (I have been out of the game for 6 months remember), I am absolutely loving it :)

Glammies 2009

Here's me and my animation partner in crime Matt Pollock withour awards. Great day out, and was absolutely chuffed to win considering some of the amazing work in our categories. The Glammies was the perfect end to a fantastic 3 years at Glamorgan University.