The Original Idea

Myself and my collaborative partner, Matt Pollock, were intrgued by the concept of combining 2D animation with stop-motion animation. This intrigue turned to interest, which turned to brainstorming, which turned to an idea. That idea is currently in the process of coming to fruition, but way back at the beginning, we needed to get an idea of how stop-mo and 2D would look on screen together. Hence the below video, shot in about 5 minutes! Suffice to say, we learnt alot.

Where It All Began...

Character Design and Expression Sheets

Below are several pages of initial character design for my final major production this year. I was aiming to create a comical gangster duo. Also seen below, are the heads of my final characters performing various expressions.

'Legs' expression sheets
'Joey' expression sheets

A few character designs I done for the pre-production stage of my final major project.

'Another Last Case' 2009 - Preview Pictures

Here are two still images taken from our latest major production, entitled 'Another Last Case'. It is a collaborative film, mixing 2D with stop-motion animation in a 3D environment, and is due for 'release' in early June. Not much to go on, but we like to keep our cards close to our chest for now. Watch this space!
Scene 02 - Shot 10 - 'Boys Hiding'
Scene 02 - Shot 07 - 'Legs Dodge'